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President Vladimir Putin sent a message to US President George W. Bush

January 24, 2001

The Russian President confirmed his determination to continue to expand bilateral cooperation and to jointly search for responses to the challenges facing both nations and the international community in the 21st century. Mr Putin also suggested ways of furthering Russian-US dialogue.

The message discussed upcoming top-level contacts and their possible agenda. President Putin said the last years of the 20th century had convincingly proved that it was possible to take decisions in the interests of peace and international security when Russia and the United States acted in unison.

Mr Putin expressed hope that equitable and mutually beneficial Russian-US cooperation would be furthered for the benefit of both nations and the entire international community.

On September 23, the President sent a message to Bill Clinton, sincerely thanking him for his constructive and positive attitude towards Russia.

The message said, in part:

“We have proved that a determination to cooperate and mutual goodwill make it possible to find mutually acceptable compromise solutions for the most important issues and to further the positive potential of bilateral relations.”

The Russian President said this approach objectively reflected the interests of both nations and their tremendous responsibility for strengthening strategic stability and creating a new system of international relations. Russia plans to continue its dialogue with the United States along these lines, preserving and furthering mutual political heritage and experience.

January 24, 2001