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President Vladimir Putin visited areas affected by a flood after recovery efforts

October 18, 2001, Yakutia

The first place Mr Putin visited was a school in the village of Novaya Murya, 25 km off the town of Lensk, which had to be rebuilt entirely. The President reached the village by helicopter. School pupils made him gifts of flowers, books and their own drawings. Fifty houses were built in the village during the summer, each with three rooms, a kitchen, a veranda, and a boiler. Mr Putin visited one of such houses.

He next went by helicopter to Lensk to see its reconsructed neighbourhoods, a new flood-protection dam, several flats, and a sports complex.

Mr Putin also visited St Innocent’s Church in Lensk, and gave its priest an icon of St Nicholas.

He attended several classes at School No. 1, and had his photograph taken with pupils on their request.

October 18, 2001, Yakutia