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President Vladimir Putin held meetings with French President Jacques Chirac and President Boris Trajkovski of Macedonia

March 23, 2001, The Conference Centre In Alvsjo, Stockholm

In the course of their bilateral meeting, Mr Putin and Mr Chirac discussed at length the issues of strategic stability, and coordination of efforts between Russia and the European countries in the light of the US administration’s well-known plans for the ABM Treaty.

The heads of state expressed their support for deepening the strategic dialogue between Russia and the European Union on political and security issues and making it more concrete.

The two leaders also discussed the prospects for a peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the situation in the Balkans.

A conversation between Mr Putin and Mr Trajkovski then followed, which initially went on a three-way basis – with the participation of the French head of state.

Later on, the Russian and Macedonian leaders talked one on one. Mr Putin reminded Mr Trajkovski of Russia’s Stockholm proposals dealing with a settlement of the crisis in the Balkans. The Russian plan for the peaceful settlement of the conflict provided for the Balkan countries to conclude an agreement recording important principles of international relations, such as mutual respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of pact signatories. In the opinion of President Putin, the UN Security Council could act as the guarantor of such an agreement.

Mr Putin noted that Russia respected the courageous stand taken by the leadership and people of Macedonia on the present crisis.

In his turn, Mr Trajkovski expressed thanks for the assistance and support rendered to his country.

March 23, 2001, The Conference Centre In Alvsjo, Stockholm