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President Vladimir Putin met with Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov

January 31, 2002, Novo-Ogaryovo

Mr Putin and Mr Ivanov discussed the results of the 2001 military-development programme. The Defence Minister told the President that, as of January 1, the strength of the Russian Armed Forces was 1,274,000 officers and men. In 2001, 91,000 officers and men, as well as 14,500 civilian personnel, were discharged from active service.

Sergei Ivanov said most defence-budget allocations were now being spent on the Armed Forces’ development, rather than their upkeep, and that this was an improvement.

The Defence Minister also informed Vladimir Putin about Russian-US consultations on strategic offensive arms reductions, namely, the drafting of agreements which are due to be signed during US President George W. Bush’s upcoming visit to Russia this spring. The consultations focused on the main elements of the future treaty on strategic offensive arms reductions, proposed by Russia. Mr Putin and Mr Ivanov stressed that this legally binding document stipulated drastic and verifiable strategic offensive arms cuts, down to 1,700–2,200 warheads in 10 years.

Russian-US talks will resume in Moscow on February 19.

Vladimir Putin once again said the projected Russian-US arms-reduction agreement must be legally binding, irreversible and verifiable.

Mr Putin and Mr Ivanov also discussed the situation around the peace-keeping force in Georgia.

The President and the Defence Minister discussed other aspects of international and domestic security and the social status of military personnel.

January 31, 2002, Novo-Ogaryovo