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Meeting with King Mohammed VI of Morocco

March 15, 2016, The Kremlin, Moscow

Vladimir Putin had a meeting with King Mohammed VI of Morocco, who is in Russia on an official visit.

The discussion focused on pressing issues of bilateral cooperation and international affairs.

In the course of the visit to Russia by King Mohammed VI of Morocco, the parties adopted a Statement on the extended strategic partnership between the Russian Federation and the Kingdom of Morocco.

Intergovernmental agreements were signed on air traffic, on cooperation in environmental protection and the rational use of natural resources, on cooperation in marine fishery, on support and mutual protection of capital investment and on mutual protection of classified information in the military and military technology areas.

Also signed was a Russian-Moroccan statement on combatting international terrorism.

Other joint documents deal with cooperation in energy, geological prospecting and development of mineral resources, in tourism, cooperation between Museums of the Moscow Kremlin and the State Hermitage Museum with the National Museum Foundation of Morocco, as well as cooperation in Islam.

Beginning of conversation with King Mohammed VI of Morocco

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Your Majesty, friends, allow me to welcome you to Moscow.

It is a pleasure, Your Majesty, to welcome you to the capital of Russia, particularly this year, because it was precisely 50 years ago that you father, King Hassan II, visited the Soviet Union, thus establishing relations between our two countries, which have been developing ever since. I am certain, Your Majesty, that your current visit will also serve as an impetus for the development of ties between our states.

There is a great deal our colleagues and we have to discuss. We have wonderful relations with Morocco, though it is strange that we have been seeing a certain reduction in trade, specifically in certain traditional Moroccan goods. I do not understand the reasons for the drop in shipments of Moroccan fruit, oranges or tomatoes to Russia, particularly given the limitations in the supply of these products from the European Union countries.

It is also very important for me, Your Majesty, to learn your views on regional matters.


King Mohammed VI of Morocco (retranslated): Mr President, I hope we will be able to discuss these and other important issues.

Thank you very much for your warm welcome. This is my second visit to Moscow, and I recall our meeting with you here in this very same room. It is always with great joy that I come to your country.

I have brought with me a representative delegation and I hope the Government ministers on it would be able to consider the matters that interest you in the course of our meeting and afterwards.

Unfortunately, the Moroccan Foreign Minister was unable to come because he is currently on a flight between New York and Washington. However, I assure you, this will not influence in any way our ability to develop bilateral relations.

As you may know, we have long-standing relations with Europe. I hope that our traditional EU partners – France, Spain and Portugal – will help us overcome the current difficult period as soon as possible.

As the Minister of Agriculture accompanies me on this visit, we will be able to discuss the export of Moroccan products to Russia.

Vladimir Putin: Thank you very much.


March 15, 2016, The Kremlin, Moscow