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Greetings to participants in the Russia – Islamic World Strategic Vision Group

May 17, 2017

Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to participants in the opening session of the Russia –Islamic World Strategic Vision Group and the ninth Russia – Islamic World International Economic Summit.

The President said, in particular, in his message:

“Today, many Muslim countries face serious challenges: Escalating terrorism and militant extremism, a rapid increase in ethnic and sectarian tensions, and economic and social problems. The situation is particularly dramatic in Syria, where a bloody conflict has continued for several years now and swathes of territory are under the control of criminal groups that trample underfoot all moral norms and have effectively declared war on the entire civilised world.

I want to stress that the Islamic world can count in full measure on Russia’s support and assistance. We are ready to develop cooperation with our partners in counterterrorism and in looking for peaceful solutions to regional crises. I am sure that our joint efforts can achieve much to strengthen international security and stability, and build a fairer, democratic world order free of any forms of intolerance, discrimination and use of force.”

The third meeting of the Russia – Islamic World Strategic Vision Group is taking place in Grozny and the ninth International Economic Summit Russia – Islamic World: KazanSummit 2017 is taking place in Kazan on May 18–20, 2017.

May 17, 2017