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Greetings to Tula Region residents

September 9, 2017

Vladimir Putin congratulated Tula Region residents on two significant anniversaries, the 240th anniversary of the establishment of the Tula Governorate and the 80th anniversary of Tula Region.

The message reads, in part,

“Being the native land of outstanding writers, artists, musicians, weaponry masters and fearless warriors, the ancient land of Tula has made a truly unique contribution to the rise and development of Russian statehood, to the strengthening of our country’s defence capabilities.

Today the region has significant industrial and agricultural potential. People here know how to work and love working; they take care to preserve the traditions and customs of their ancestors, their abundant historical, cultural and spiritual heritage and show sincere concern about the well-being and prosperity of their land.”

Tula Region is situated in the center of European Russia. The city of Tula, the center of the region, was founded in 1146.

September 9, 2017