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Greetings on the 25th anniversary of the MIR Interstate Television and Radio Company

October 9, 2017

Vladimir Putin congratulated the staff of the MIR Intestate Television and Radio Company on its 25th anniversary.

The message reads, in part:

“Established in 1992 by CIS countries, your company occupies a unique media niche. It provides an objective and informative picture of events in Eurasia, telling people from the CIS about the life and history of our countries and promoting humanitarian, cultural and business ties and good-neighbourly and friendly relations.

It is important that the public appreciates the coordinated and effective work of your creative personnel. Millions of people around the world watch your television shows, listen to your radio broadcasts and use your online resource.

I am confident that the popularity and public acclaim for the MIR company are based on the professionalism of its personnel, who create quality content, as well as on their responsibility and strict compliance with the lofty spirit of journalism ethics.”

October 9, 2017