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Greetings to guests and participants of Economist Day forum

November 13, 2017

Vladimir Putin has sent greetings to guests and participants at an event marking Economist Day in Russia (November 11).

The message reads, in part:

“Anyone familiar with the nuances of an economist’s or a financial expert’s job knows that this hard and creative work requires the highest competence and extraordinary personal traits such as patience, honesty, and the ability to think ahead and see the needs of people and the strategic goals of the country’s development behind all the documents and figures.

I am pleased to see that you respect the traditions of the many previous generations before you and that you strive for success in your objectives, that you work tirelessly on your professional development and the improvement of education in your field to meet modern international standards.

I believe that this forum, organised with the extensive support of the authorities in Moscow, the nation’s capital and a major business and financial centre in Russia and the world, will be enjoyable and memorable for its participants.”

November 13, 2017