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Greetings to current and former civil aviation workers

February 9, 2018

Vladimir Putin sent greetings to the current and the former civil aviation workers on their professional holiday and the 95th anniversary of the Russian Air Fleet.

The messages reads, in part:

“We are rightly proud of the history of the Russian Air Fleet, our outstanding scientists, engineers, designers and pilots. These brave, talented and passionate people laid a foundation of traditions in the industry with their professional achievements and success, and glorified our country as one of the leading aviation powers in the world.

It is important that the civil aviation industry is developing and solving serious as well as diverse tasks. The scope of domestic and international operations is growing. The quality of services is improving as is the transport infrastructure. Platov Airport in Rostov-on-Don has been built literally from scratch. A modern terminal at Roshchino Airport has opened in Tyumen. The Moscow Automated Air Traffic Control Centre has moved to a new building.

All these results have been achieved thanks to the experience and expertise of the industry’s workers.”

February 9, 2018