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Statements following Russian-Syrian talks

May 17, 2018, Sochi

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: During our today’s conversation, the President of Syria and I coordinated our joint efforts on fighting terrorism and terrorist organisations in the Syrian Arab Republic; we noted the major progress the Syrian army has made on this front, and concluded that, as of today, conditions are favourable for stepping up the political process.

On a related note, the President of Syria has made a decision to send his part of the delegation to form the Constitutional Committee that is supposed to work on the Constitution of Syria. Russia welcomes this decision and will support it in every way, taking into account the agreements reached during the Syrian National Dialogue Congress that took place several months ago in Sochi.

Along with stepping up the political process, we believe it is very important to take the necessary steps to rebuild Syria’s economy and to address long overdue and complicated humanitarian issues.

We are counting on support from the United Nations and all countries interested in resolving the Syrian crisis.

President of Syria Bashar al-Assad (retranslated): I rate the results of today’s meeting very highly. It was very fruitful, in every sense of the word.

First, we assessed developments in Syria from a military standpoint. Things have been progressing well due to the steps taken on the counter-terrorism track. Consequently, thanks to the military success, we are succeeding in normalising the situation in the country, which opens the way for our many citizens to return to their homes.

I would like to thank President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government for the humanitarian aid that Russia has always provided, at every stage of the Syrian crisis, to Syrian citizens who fled their homes in response to the actions of terrorists.

As to economic cooperation, we noted the recent growth of Russian investment, Russian companies’ investments in various areas of the Syrian economy, and also discussed possible steps to further encourage Russian companies to invest in our country and take part in the reconstruction process.

We assessed developments in the political process in recent months, by which I mean the outcome of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress and the latest rounds of talks in Astana, and we discussed steps that need to be taken to keep achieving progress in this area.

We focused on the issue of the Constitutional Committee that should be established following the results of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress. We expect to start the corresponding work with the UN. I have confirmed to President Putin today that Syria will send the list of its delegates to the Constitutional Committee to discuss amendments to the current Constitution. It will be done as soon as possible.

Vladimir Putin: We proceed from the assumption that in view of the significant victories and success achieved by the Syrian Army in its fight against terrorism, and the start of a more active phrase of the political process, foreign armed forces will be withdrawing from the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.


May 17, 2018, Sochi