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Visit to Sirius Educational Centre

May 21, 2018, Sochi

Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi attended the closing ceremony of the May educational programme at the centre.

The President of Russia and the Prime Minister of India had a brief conversation with students enrolled in the most recent session at the centre, and congratulated them on its completion.

Together with head of the Sirius Centre Yelena Shmeleva, Vladimir Putin gave Narendra Modi a short tour, telling his Indian guest about the history of the centre and its new projects.

Following the talks that took place at the Bocharov Ruchei residence earlier in the day, the President of Russia invited the Prime Minister of India to take a boat tour. They travelled from the port of Sochi to the port in the Imereti Lowlands on the Chaika (Seagull) boat.

* * *

Speeches at the ceremony closing the May programme at the Sirius Educational Centre

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Hello, everyone! Good afternoon!

We congratulate you on completing your session at the centre. I hope that you liked it here. You are so beautiful and handsome, all of you, and smart too. We wish you success!

Today we have here with us a great friend of our country, a great friend of Russia, the head of the Indian Government, Mr Modi. Let's welcome him! (Applause.)

India is actively developing high technology; it has many interesting and promising development centres. I would like to show our guest the work Russia does in this area.

(Addressing Narendra Modi.) Mr Modi, I hope you have enjoyed your time here.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi (retranslated): I would like to thank my close friend, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, for the chance to meet and talk with you.

Usually, I see sad and tragic faces at schools, but here I see very active, energetic children, children who are ready to put all their efforts into contributing to the development of humankind in general and Russia in particular and, of course, to do something special.

Would anyone like to go to India?

(Children raise their hands.)

Remark: Everyone!

Narendra Modi: I would like for you to go to India; we will get you on an official tour. And when you come to India, I will meet with you in person and discuss various issues. I promise that if you come, you will meet Indian pupils.


Today the President of the Russian Federation and I have been in talks for the entire day. We discussed regional and international issues. But when we were talking about Sirius, he had a special look on his face. So if you want to understand what he is like, you can judge from the emotion he shows when he talks about this centre, about you. This shows his character as a national leader, who wants Russian children and pupils to grow up and become leaders of the future.

Had I not come here today, I would have only known Mr Putin as President. But, thanks to you and thanks to my visit here, I know that he has special, emotional character that sets him apart from others.

I wish you all the best. Please come and visit us in India. I wish you a bright future, because Russia’s future is closely connected with your future, and Russia’s future is very important for the peace and stability of the entire world.

Thank you, my friend. (In Russian.) Mr Putin, spasibo.

Vladimir Putin: The Prime Minister told you we have been working for the entire day. And he told you what we have been doing: we have been talking the whole day.


If you want a job like that, you have to study hard.

(Laughter, applause.)

Good luck!

May 21, 2018, Sochi