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Greetings on 100th anniversary of Grabar Art Conservation Centre

June 10, 2018

Vladimir Putin congratulated employees and veterans of the Grabar Art Conservation Centre on its 100th anniversary.

The message reads, in part:

“Great, intense artistic work by several generations of historians, art experts, artists, master-restorers – talented people, committed to their chosen job, true enthusiasts, who devoted their lives to preserving invaluable treasures of the Russian and world culture, stand behind this impressive date.

Igor Grabar, an outstanding scientist, an educator, a great expert in art, played a huge role in the establishment and development of the centre. The principle proposed by him, involving careful treatment of the true artist’s original intention and the structure of the work became fundamental in the creation of the national school of scientific restoration.

It is important that the current employees of the renowned Grabar centre value the traditions of their predecessors, train qualified specialists and strengthen international cooperation. And it is symbolic that although they have their own specialised departments, major museums of Russia and many foreign states entrust employees of the Grabar Art Conservation Centre with the restoration of the most complicated and unique exhibits.”

June 10, 2018