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Greetings on fifth anniversary of Russian Popular Front

June 12, 2018

Vladimir Putin congratulated participants of the event dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the Russian Popular Front’s founding congress.

The message reads, in part:

“Over the years, the Russian Popular Front has brought together a huge number of likeminded people, and has proved to be a powerful, effective force capable of achieving solutions to important problems that matter to people, and key tasks related to the development of the country and society. Through real deeds, you strengthen the principles of transparency and honesty; you fight corruption and indifference, and make government more responsive to citizens’ needs. Your large-scale, much needed projects – from improving the quality of education, medical aid and environmental conditions, to beautification efforts, support for volunteering and other no less important initiatives – always enjoy public support, and produce tangible, concrete results. People trust us and we need to value this trust. We must not be satisfied with what we have achieved; we must keep moving forward with determination.

And finally, I would like to note that your work is rooted in such timeless core values as genuine love for the Motherland, taking a personal stake in its present and future, and respect for the culture and traditions of our multinational people.”

June 12, 2018