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Greetings on 400th anniversary of Novokuznetsk

July 7, 2018

Vladimir Putin congratulated the residents of Novokuznetsk on the 400th anniversary of the city’s foundation.

The message reads, in part:

“Founded long ago in 1618 on the bank of the Tom River, the city stood guard for a long time of the country’s eastern border before playing a major role in the settlement of Siberia. You have every right to be proud of the many generations of your fellow city residents who developed the Kuzbass area, built plants, housing, schools, transport and energy facilities. With their selfless labour they have strengthened Russia’s economy.

Today, Novokuznetsk is a large and modern city, a major centre of the metals industry and coal mining. It is pleasing to see the respect with which you treat the glorious history of your hometown, and the real work and endeavours that you engage in to contribute to its prosperity.”

July 7, 2018