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Greetings to personnel and veterans of Russia’s Airborne Forces on Paratroopers Day

August 2, 2019

The President congratulated the personnel and veterans of Russia’s Airborne Forces on Paratroopers Day.

The message reads, in part:

“Serving in the Airborne Forces requires utmost competence, true grit and personal courage. Members of the legendary airborne infantry have always performed their duty honourably, both during the Great Patriotic War and during special operations and peacekeeping missions. They have always been faithful to their oath and their brothers in arms.

The present generation of soldiers and officers are highly respected successors of the glorious military and patriotic traditions established by veterans. You are always where it is especially difficult, where it is crucial to stay sharp, work seamlessly as a team and be resolute.

I am certain that our paratroopers will keep refining their prowess, successfully tackle their tasks and selflessly defend the national interests of their Fatherland and the security of our citizens.”

August 2, 2019