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Greetings on 75th anniversary of Kostroma Region

August 13, 2019

Vladimir Putin congratulated residents of Kostroma Region on its 75th anniversary.

The message reads, in part:

“You can be proud of your homeland, the exceptional pages of its history and its tangible contribution to the development of the domestic economy, agriculture, science, culture, architecture and art. The generous land of Kostroma has presented Russia and the world with an array of outstanding scientists and researchers, writers and poets, philanthropists and benefactors, and great talents in the arts. Of course, I would like to make special mention of the unique crafts that originated here centuries ago and that are further developed today.

Importantly, the current generation of Kostroma Region residents, befittingly, continue the cause of their predecessors and play an active role in implementing key national goals, paying attention to much-in-demand social and infrastructure projects and initiatives.

I am convinced that you will continue working in good faith and achieving important results for the benefit of your region and the entire country.”

Kostroma Region is located in the centre of Russia’s European part. The capital, Kostroma, which today is an industrial centre, was established in 1152 on the Volga River and is part of the Golden Ring that unites ancient cities of Northeastern Russia with unique historic and cultural landmarks. Kostroma is also known as an old centre of the textile industry, mostly flax.

August 13, 2019