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Selected photos and videos from the President’s personal video and photography team available at

December 30, 2019

Putin: 20 Years (now available at is an album containing archival photographs and videos, mainly made by the President’s personal video and photography team. It includes the highlights of the last two decades related to Vladimir Putin’s service as President and Prime Minister of Russia, starting December 31, 1999, when he was appointed acting head of state.

However, this project is not intended as a chronicle or documentary record. It does not feature the fullness of history in which all of the President’s steps, meetings and trips would be reflected – this information is available in the archives of all major media websites and at

The album contains memorable moments and the most interesting milestones from the past years. Some of them are widely known; some have probably been forgotten; and some are being revealed for the first time.

The part now available online covers the period up until the year 2004. But even this one section of the project contains more than 600 photos and 100 videos, so viewing all of the content without skipping anything would take about 2.5 hours. In the coming weeks, more content will be added from the subsequent years.

December 30, 2019