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Meeting with Yury Chaika and Igor Krasnov

January 21, 2020, The Kremlin, Moscow

Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Yury Chaika and Igor Krasnov.

On January 20, the President submitted for consideration by the Federation Council the candidacy of Igor Krasnov for the post of Prosecutor General.

Yury Chaika was offered the post of the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the North Caucasus Federal District.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Chaika, Mr Krasnov,

In conclusion of Mr Chaika’s work in this high position and at the beginning of your work (I hope that the upper house of parliament will vote in your favour tomorrow), I would like to thank Mr Chaika for his work. He has worked in this capacity since 2006.

Much has been accomplished to strengthen the rule of law in Russia; a lot has been accomplished not only for people to feel it, but also for the state to grow stronger. I am talking about the consistency in enforcing Russian Federation’s laws all over Russia, which is extremely important.

We know how difficult this was in the early 2000s. The Prosecutor General’s Office, including under the supervision of Mr Chaika, did a lot to promote the consistent enforcement and interpretation of Russian laws. I hope that the agency’s new chief will also use the most popular and best examples that were certainly present in the work of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

As you know, I addressed State Duma deputies, so that prosecutors’ offices would become more centralised. I believe that this is a justified step for this agency, and we have discussed this matter with Mr Chaika. It is prosecutors’ offices that are called on to do their best, so that all of the Russian Federation’s laws would be interpreted and enforced in a uniform way all across the nation.

I am absolutely convinced that this will benefit citizens, and there can be no place for localism here. Since their inception, prosecutors’ offices were established as an agency that must ensure a uniform enforcement of laws nationwide.

I hope that State Duma deputies will support this as well as our regional colleagues. I mean that our entire team, our large team, broadly speaking, including regional heads, are concerned, above all, about the interests of Russians, no matter the region where they live. I hope this will be reflected in your work.

I would also like to note what has been done in recent years, such as focusing more on compliance with the legislation in the social sphere and in fighting corruption, which are crucial areas. Mr Chaika has done a lot to arrange the prosecutor’s office work this way. I would like you to continue in this vein.

Yury Chaika: Thank you.

Mr President, thank you very much for your trust.

I have had the great honour of heading the Russian prosecutor’s office for about 14 years. Over this time, with your support and personal involvement, the prosecutor’s office has in fact turned into a powerful human rights body that safeguards the Constitution, law, the interests of state and society, as well as civil rights.

The prosecutor’s office is highly regarded on the international stage. We honestly and effectively fulfil our professional duty. Thank you very much for your trust: you have offered me a new area of work. It is true that 14 years is a lot; it is time to move on.

This is why I am completely sure that all the tasks you set for my new position will be implemented. I believe that all national projects will be implemented in the North Caucasus Federal District. I am confident that we will improve the quality of people’s lives.

In general, we, of course, will not ease up in fighting crime, first of all, terrorism, extremism and corruption, but work towards reducing crime in society in general.

I already have practical areas of work in mind. I think we will succeed; there is no other option. We must be result-oriented, and this result must be positive.

Thank you for your trust once again, Mr President.

Vladimir Putin: Mr Chaika, you know how important this work is for the region, I mean the North Caucasus Federal District, and for the entire country.

Speaking about the region, there are still many issues in the social sphere, such as the unemployment rate, which is higher than the average in Russia, and corruption, which, unfortunately, directly affects the quality of life and the level of people’s income. Issues related to fighting terrorism also carry immediate relevance there.

You know this very well; you know this work and this field. Of course, it requires a person of such stature as you, with your knowledge and expertise. I am sure you will succeed.

Mr Krasnov.

Igor Krasnov: Thank you, Mr President, for your trust.

We will work hard to make everyone comply with the Constitution of the Russian Federation and Russian law. We plan to strengthen feedback channels with the public to see where we have flaws and shortcomings, and work directly with people to fight corruption and crime.

Vladimir Putin: Let me reiterate: I hope the upper chamber will support you, and, in this case, I, of course, wish you all the best. We will meet regularly, and I will see you again soon.

Thank you.


January 21, 2020, The Kremlin, Moscow