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Greetings on the opening of the 12th Congress of Oncologists and Radiologists of CIS and Eurasia

April 7, 2021

Vladimir Putin sent greetings to the participants and organisers of the 12th Congress of Oncologists and Radiologists of the CIS and Eurasia countries, marking the 25th anniversary of the Association of Directors of Centres and Institutes of Oncology and Radiology of the CIS and Eurasia countries. 

The message reads, in part:

“Prominent scientist Nikolai Trapeznikov was one of the originators of the Association. His talent, energy and extremely high level of competence were a large factor in the attainment of impressive successes in the prevention of oncological diseases, ensuring their early diagnosis and treatment and in the introduction in clinical practice of advanced technologies and inventions. And, of course, Academy Member Trapeznikov played a major role in consolidating the medical community around important high-priority goals. It is gratifying that the Association, established by him, now unites specialists from various countries.

I am pleased to note that the current generation of oncologists and healthcare organisers cherish and expand the immensely rich academic and creative legacy of their mentor and accomplish challenging tasks in a worthy manner. This also happened in 2020 when Russia and the entire world faced new global challenges. One can confidently say that the national oncology service has successfully passed serious trials, linked with the coronavirus epidemic, and is now doing a lot to provide more effective medical treatment.”

April 7, 2021