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Cemix plant inauguration

August 6, 2021, Abzelilovsky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Vladimir Putin attended the ceremony to launch the first phase of the Cemix plant for the production of dry construction mixes. The facility is part of Lasselsberger Group of Austria. Opening the plant will reduce white cement imports and create a point of industrial growth in the region.

Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz sent a video address to the ceremony on the plant’s opening.

* * *

Speech at the opening of the Cemix plant

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, my dear friends!

I am very happy to be here with you today and to congratulate you on the successful implementation of a major investment project.

The opening of this plant, built by one of the recognised world leaders, your Austrian partner, is a good example of the close investment cooperation between Russia and the Republic of Austria.

I would like to thank the builders, engineers and manufacturing technicians, everyone, absolutely all those who took part in building the plant. I am certain that its output will be in high demand in the domestic construction industry, which continues to develop dynamically.

You know that we have very ambitious construction plans – in housing, road and industrial construction. There is no doubt that this material, one of the key materials in construction, will be in demand. In addition, we will be able to fully meet our current needs for such an important material as pure white cement, a material my colleagues just described to me in detail.

Importantly, advanced technology and solutions, and the world’s best practices were used in building this plant. That said, the production process provides for the observance of the highest environmental standards that meet the most rigid criteria.

What else would I like to note? I believe your company would be doing the right thing and would benefit from paying more attention to the training of personnel, local personnel. We will talk about this with your partners.

I know that the company, your partner, links its strategic interests and long-term plans with Russia. My Austrian colleague just told me about this. The company plans to expand its production and localise other products here – it has mapped out four stages in its future plans.

We highly value the pragmatic position taken by Austrian businesses. Austria is one of our key partners in Europe, and this is how we think of it. This is confirmed by the broadest participation of its representatives in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, and the speech by Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria Sebastian Kurz at the plenary session.

Austrian companies have had a strong presence in Russia for a long time; some 1,500 companies from Austria are operating in Russia quite successfully. Overall investment totals about $6 billion, and Russian investment in the Austrian economy is similar. Most of Austria’s investment has been in the manufacturing and high-technology industries, including mechanical engineering, the energy sector and transport.

We will continue to support, in every way possible, efforts to boost mutual investment and remove the barriers to investment. This will undoubtedly open more opportunities to create new jobs and build advanced industrial facilities that will allow us to more quickly restore business ties and recover from the negative effects of the post-pandemic period.

Your Austrian partner just mentioned, during our talk – and of course, I remember this – that on August 8, Russia marks Builders’ Day. I want to congratulate all those who worked on this new plant, as well as all Russian builders, engineers, architects, prospectors, designers and other specialists in the construction sector on this professional day.

Dear friends,

Your work enjoys special respect and is highly esteemed in our society. Being a builder is not just a profession, it is a common name. There is nothing more interesting or honourable than to build and create.

Thanks to your knowledge, vast experience, modern competences and utmost responsibility, the appearance of our cities is changing remarkably and that of our entire country, as well; and ambitious programmes to develop industry, transport and the transport connectivity of our regions are being successfully implemented.

I want to thank you for all this, and wish you all the best and every success in your professional and personal lives.

Thank you for your attention and all the best to you.

Thank you.

August 6, 2021, Abzelilovsky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan