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Greetings on 15th anniversary of Socialist Political Party A Just Russia – Patriots – For Truth

October 28, 2021

Vladimir Putin congratulated members of the Socialist Political Party A Just Russia – Patriots – For Truth on its 15th anniversary.

The message reads, in part:

“Rallying supporters around the values of social justice and patriotism, your party plays a prominent role in the political and public life of our country. Over the past years, it has strengthened its human resources potential, amassed sound experience of participation in election campaigns and gained considerable support from the public, including during this year’s September elections. Based on this strong support, the party is represented at the federal level as well as at regional and municipal government bodies.

Importantly, your legislative initiatives are invariably directed at protecting people’s social and labour rights, promoting family values and educating the younger generations. And, of course, your absolute priorities include preserving the moral foundations of society and the age-old historical, cultural and spiritual traditions of our multi-ethnic nation.

I would like to stress in particular that the party adheres to a constructive position in the matter of consolidating the social and patriotic forces around large-scale national development objectives.”

October 28, 2021