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Congratulations to Moscow State University of Civil Engineering on its centenary

November 22, 2021

Vladimir Putin congratulated the faculty, students, postgraduates and alumni of the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering on the institution’s centenary.

The message reads, in part:

“In the past years, your university has made a considerable and truly unique contribution to developing the domestic building sector, upgrading the industrial, energy, transport and road infrastructure, and strengthening the country’s research and engineering potential. The many generations of university graduates have always been up to the mark when achieving the set objectives, and their ingenious and creative work for the benefit of their Fatherland has gone down in history.

It is good that today the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering occupies a strong position in the higher education system, ranking among the recognised leaders in training engineers and research workers. Your university diplomas are a certificate of deep, profound and in-demand knowledge and skills, while the university’s innovative course, remarkable and time-tested traditions, and experienced and gifted teachers ensure that you face the future with confidence.”

November 22, 2021