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Meeting with President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas

November 23, 2021, Sochi

Vladimir Putin met with President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas in Sochi.

The discussion focused on bilateral cooperation as well as the Middle East agenda with due regard to Russia’s efforts toward Palestinian-Israeli settlement.


Beginning of Russian-Palestinian talks

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr President,

I am glad to see you. We certainly should meet regularly and maintain our relations.

It is very important to exchange current, relevant information on how the situation is developing in the Middle East as a whole and on the Palestinian track in particular. This is why I would like first of all to thank you for accepting our invitation.

We understand the environment in which we all live, including the Palestinian people today. COVID-19 is contributing to the situation, on top of the pressure brought to bear from the outside and the tensions that exist in the region and with [your] neighbours.

You know that Russia is making efforts to help Palestine in this regard: we are providing medicines and vaccines; Russian specialists and medical workers visit Palestine.

In absolute figures, our trade is still modest, but we observe its growth, despite all these problems, by more than 30 percent last year.

Regrettably, the pandemic has led to a failure in the work of the Intergovernmental Commission – we should, of course, organise this work as soon as possible.

But the most important thing I would like to say is this: the Russian Federation’s position on Palestine and as regards solving the Palestinian problem remains unchanged. The Palestinian problem should be solved in keeping with the earlier UN Security Council resolutions and on a just basis that takes into account the interests of all people living in this region, on the basis of the two-state concept. And we will certainly work towards this, no matter how difficult this might be.

Mr President, I think that in the course of today’s meeting we will exchange more detailed information on what is taking place right now and what the current situation is at the present, and we will think together of what can be done to make headway.

Mr President, your visit is a happy occasion for me.


President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas (retranslated): Thank you very much for the invitation.

We have always had high regard for your role and your position towards us, the Palestinians.


November 23, 2021, Sochi