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Greetings on 90th anniversary of Russian civil defence system

October 4, 2022

Vladimir Putin congratulated the employees and veterans of the Emergencies Ministry on the anniversary of the civil defence system.

The message reads, in part:

“I congratulate you on the 90th anniversary of the civil defence system in our country.

Its history has many glorious, heroic pages. The civil defence leaders and forces have invariably demonstrated their efficiency and reliably ensured the protection of our citizens and material and cultural heritage in emergencies. We will always remember the local air defence fighters who extinguished fires during the Great Patriotic War, organised shelters for people and helped victims. In grievous conditions, they preserved thousands of vital economic facilities and cultural landmarks, and, most importantly, millions of human lives.

It is gratifying to see that you have deep respect for the traditions of your predecessors of dedicated service to the cause and the public good, that you are building up the technical and human resources and are actively introducing advanced technology and the best practices. Today, the civil defence forces are successfully addressing a broad range of important tasks related to emergency warnings and relief efforts following disasters, fires and technogenic catastrophes. These forces always operate smoothly, precisely, and quickly. Such high professionalism and training are greatly needed in providing support for the civilians of the people’s republics of Donbass and other areas of the special military operation.

I am convinced that in the future civil defence will continue to befittingly parry new challenges and threats, and justify the confidence of those who require assistance.”

October 4, 2022