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Greetings to 19th National Congress of Commissioners for Children’s Rights

October 4, 2022

Vladimir Putin sent a message of greetings to the participants of the 19th National Congress of Commissioners for Children’s Rights.

The message reads, in part:

“By tradition, you will discuss a broad range of issues linked with the implementation of government policy on family, maternity and childhood protection. The efficiency of this policy will directly affect efforts to reliably ensure the rights and lawful interests of the rising generation and create the conditions for its comprehensive development.

Today, it is necessary to respond promptly to the infringement of the rights of children and draft additional measures to support children with disabilities. Of course, we must pay special attention to the need to protect the lives and health of children in the Donbass people’s republics, and the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions. It is important to develop smooth coordination with local administrations and monitor timely provision of medical and psychological assistance.

I am confident that you will continue working responsibly and professionally, and that you will pool the efforts of the Commissioner for Children’s Rights institution, government bodies at all levels, parent and pedagogical communities, as well as religious and volunteer organisations in order to resolve the tasks facing you.”

October 4, 2022