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Greetings on opening of 16th International Forum and Exhibition Transport of Russia

November 15, 2022

Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to the participants of the 16th International Forum and Exhibition Transport of Russia and congratulated workers and veterans of the Russian transport industry on the upcoming Transport Workers' Day.

The message reads, in part:

“Your traditional meetings are always a big, important event on the business calendar. They are distinguished by their packed agenda, constructive and creative atmosphere, and participants’ readiness to engage in a serious, thorough dialogue. And of course, the forum is of particular importance for workers of the national transport system; it defines the main direction of the industry's development.

I would like to stress that strengthening the economic potential of the Russian regions and the country as a whole, solving important social problems, and improving people's quality of life depend largely on the smooth and proper operation of all parts of the transport system. This is why today we need to focus on such ambitious goals as modernising the industry's infrastructure, widely introducing innovative technologies, creating major logistics hubs and safe transport facilities, and training skilled personnel.

I am confident that both the forum and the exhibition will be held at an excellent organisational level and will give rise to new and promising projects.”

November 15, 2022