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Greetings to National Media Group staff

February 1, 2023

Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to the staff of the National Media Group on the occasion of its 15th anniversary.

The message reads, in part:

“Over the past years, your company has made meaningful progress in strengthening its technological and creative potential and made a substantial contribution to developing and promoting the competitiveness of the Russian media. Today, thanks to the professional work of your staff, informed management decisions and effective investment, your company has every right to be viewed as a leading force in the Russian media industry.

What matters is your unwavering determination to deliver by coming up with various interesting projects, concepts and ideas, as well as offering new, cutting-edge services and steadily expanding your audience. I want to put special emphasis on your efforts to carry out major social, charity and sports initiatives, acting as a role model of corporate social responsibility.”

The National Media Group is one of Russia’s biggest media holdings. It manages a portfolio of assets focused on creating and distributing media content and develops tech solutions for the media industry.

February 1, 2023