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Greetings to employees and veterans of Russian civil aviation

February 9, 2023

Vladimir Putin congratulated employees and veterans of the Russian civil aviation on its 100th anniversary.

The message reads, in part:

“The development of civil aviation is an outstanding chapter in the history of Russia. This is a solid combination of creative and constructive work, courage and a daring dream of representatives of various professions, including legendary designers who developed advanced airliners, intrepid test pilots who took new technology to the sky, pilots and crews who charted routes to the Arctic, to remote areas in Siberia and the Far East. Inspired by a common idea, they glorified our Motherland as one of the world’s leading aviation powers.

As in all previous years, the civil air fleet employs top-grade specialists who know and love their work. The successful solution of the sector’s problems, efforts to ensure reliable flight safety, as well as timely passenger and freight deliveries largely depend on your competence, efficiency and responsibility.

I would like to emphasise that the state will continue to prioritise the development of civil aviation and efforts to strengthen inter-regional transport ties, improve the sector’s infrastructure and inaugurate new promising air routes.”

February 9, 2023