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Greetings on the opening of the All-Russian Forum History for the Future: Time to be the First

March 17, 2023

Vladimir Putin sent greetings to the participants and guests of the All-Russian Forum History for the Future: Time to be the First.

The message reads, in part:

“Over the next few days, Kemerovo, the capital of Kuzbass, will be welcoming members of the Russian Military History Society, the search and volunteer movement, and students from all over the country who, following their hearts, devote their efforts, talent and knowledge to a great and important cause: the preservation of historical memory and teaching the youth the unwavering values ​​of patriotism, civic consciousness and responsibility for the future of our Fatherland.

The people of Siberia have at all times been known for their magnanimity, perseverance and generosity, courage and bravery, and a sincere desire to be the first in their work and in battle. They bravely fought during the Great Patriotic War, worked tirelessly in the mines and at metallurgical and defence plants, thus bringing the long-awaited Victory closer. Many Siberian cities have been awarded a title of honour, City of Labour Glory.

As we face major challenges today, you continue to uphold with dignity the patriotic traditions of our fathers and grandfathers and to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country, to manufacture military products and to support families of the participants in the special military operation.

I am confident that this forum to discuss such important issues as ensuring the continuity of generations and the traditions of honest and selfless service to the Motherland will be held at a high organisational and creative level and will give you an opportunity to share experience, whereas its initiatives will certainly become actual deeds and undertakings.”

March 17, 2023