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Condolences to Alexandra Pakhmutova

September 18, 2023

Vladimir Putin sent condolences to Alexandra Pakhmutova on the death of her husband Nikolai Dobronravov.

The message reads, in part:

“Nikolai Dobronravov was an outstanding son of the Fatherland, a true creator and artist, truly a people's favourite. His passing is a great, irreplaceable loss for Russia, for all of us.

Nikolai Dobronravov's remarkable poetic works reflected bright, unforgettable pages of the great country's history, the labour achievements of his contemporaries, their dreams and aspirations, courage and strength of spirit, human dignity.

I am convinced that Nikolai Dobronravov's honest, inspired, surprisingly sincere creative work will always be in tune with the time.”

* * *

Soviet and Russian poet, winner of the USSR State Prize Nikolai Dobronravov died in Moscow at the age of 94. He wrote more than 400 songs, many of them in co-authorship with his wife, outstanding Soviet and Russian composer and People's Artist of the USSR Alexandra Pakhmutova. 

September 18, 2023