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Video address on National Guard Day

March 27, 2024

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Comrades,

Today, Russia marks National Guard Day. I am happy to extend my greetings to all military personnel and employees, including civilian employees, of the National Guard, and of course, to the veterans on their professional holiday.

I want to sincerely thank you for your courage, loyalty to our Motherland, and glorious military traditions, and for your contribution to upholding law and order, ensuring the sovereignty and security of Russia.

The National Guard undertakes crucial and weighty tasks, including combatting crime, terrorism, extremism, and safeguarding the security of vital strategic assets, such as industrial, transport, and infrastructure facilities. Your effective control over arms trafficking is also important.

Working closely with other law enforcement agencies and special services, you have ensured security during election campaigns at all levels, including the presidential elections. Your coordinated efforts have been evident during major events and forums, such as the Games of the Future tournament and the World Youth Festival.

I want to give a special word of thanks to our comrades serving in Donbass and Novorossiya, in the regions close to the combat zone.

I know that you are fighting fearlessly, often risking your own safety to protect civilians, conduct daring operations, eliminate enemy subversive groups, and safeguard the state border and military communications and the security of the rear of our troop units and groups.

We will forever honour the memory of the heroes killed in the noble struggle for Russia and the future of our people.


The high authority of the National Guard rests on people’s respect and recognition of the importance of your profession. I am confident that you will continue to make every effort to warrant and strengthen this public trust.

I wish you continued success. My best wishes to your families, relatives, and friends.

Happy holiday! Greetings on Russia’s National Guard Day.

March 27, 2024