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Meeting with Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov and Regional Development Minister Oleg Govorun

July 7, 2012, Krymsk

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: This is a terrible tragedy. We already know for a fact that over 50 people have died, and the figure is even higher according to your agency.

Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov: The latest figure is 67.

Vladimir Putin: Mr [Alexander] Bastrykin is expected to arrive here as well, and his team will give an assessment of each agency’s performance. That doesn’t mean that we will look for a scapegoat, but such an assessment must be done.

However, I repeat, the most important thing now is to think about the people – those who have been affected, whose homes have been damaged. According to preliminary data provided by the head of the city administration, the flood has destroyed more than 100 homes to the point that they cannot be repaired.

We have agreed as follows: the [Krasnodar] Territory will pay out 10,000 [rubles] per person for urgent needs and that has to be done straight away, on Monday. In addition, each family member will receive 50,000 rubles [$1,560] in compensation for lost property from the regional authorities, and 100,000 rubles from the federal authorities. Families of those killed will receive one million rubles from the [Krasnodar] Territory and one million from the Federation. We will rebuild the houses that have been completely destroyed, and the cost will be split 50–50 by the territory and the federal budget.

I have already issued relevant instructions to the Finance Minister, and they are preparing the necessary documents. As for the Emergencies Ministry and the Regional Development Ministry, your task will be to submit the documents for this funding jointly with the regional and city administration.

I have talked with colleagues from the Government, the Healthcare Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of social issues, and they will get the relevant services involved in this effort.

According to preliminary information, the regional and city authorities will not need any extra help, but if such a need arises, it is essential that these matters are dealt with as quickly as possible.

There is one more issue I would like to draw your attention to: the Neberdzhayevskaya reservoir, which is near here. At the moment employees of the Federal Service for Supervision of Environment, Technology and Nuclear Management (Rostekhnadzor) are there and one of them, Artem Plyushch, has reported to me on the situation on the phone: there could be no water discharge, it’s just not possible technologically because of the reservoir’s design.

According to Rostekhnadzor, at the moment everything is operating normally; however, I want you to ask the Emergencies Ministry to inspect the facility very carefully together with Rostekhnadzor.

Vladimir Puchkov: We will.

Vladimir Putin: I ask you to do this very quickly. How much personnel and resources do you have here?

Vladimir Puchkov: We have over 10,000 people working here now and 160 pieces of equipment, including 12 aircraft. We have sufficient resources. People have been allocated their tasks and currently they are inspecting residential areas house by house. We have put a person in charge of each locality, and one in charge of every street; we have organised specific assistance, including to the people who have lost their homes and are experiencing problems. In addition, we have organised everything with regard to medical care and support for children and the elderly.

Vladimir Putin: Please help the city administration if it becomes necessary to provide people with temporary accommodation, and make sure they have food, clean water, and so on.

Vladimir Puchkov: We will.

Vladimir Putin: Get to work. I will hear your reports tomorrow.

July 7, 2012, Krymsk