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Speech at an event in memory of paratroopers killed in action

March 1, 2013, Pskov

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Comrades, families of the hero-paratroopers,

This evening’s event pays tribute to the immortal deeds and eternal memory of the heroes from the 6th Paratroopers Company. They will remain forever in Russian military history and in our hearts.

They fought their battles at a decisive moment in the fate of Russia and its people. International terrorism unleashed a cruel, ruthless and criminal war against us with the single aim of tearing our country apart, violating its sovereignty, and plunging Russia and its people into a bloody civil war.

Of course we could not let this happen, and thus it was that the heroes from the 6th Company did not retreat a single step and stayed loyal to their oath of service and the brotherhood of soldiers.

They grew up in a time of peace, came from all corners of Russia to this regiment, and were proud to be serving in the paratroopers forces. They probably never specially prepared to become heroes, but as befits a soldier, they were ready without question to carry out their mission, no matter what the difficulties, risks and dangers involved.

When the hour came they acted as true heroes and fought the enemy every bit as fearlessly as their grandfathers before them fought the Nazis. They proved at the cost of their lives that the most sacred values still live on through the generations. Who would dare say after this that our young people have no patriotic spirit?

The 6th Company’s soldiers showed the entire world that Russia is invincible because at the critical moment its courageous sons will always fight to the death for their homeland.

We bow our heads in tribute before the hero-paratroopers. We are proud of their devotion to Russia. I bow low before the parents who raised such worthy sons.

Eternal glory to the immortal 6th Company! Glory to all who have given their lives defending Russia!

March 1, 2013, Pskov