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Reply to a Journalists’ Question after Casting a Ballot in the Presidential Election

March 26, 2000, Moscow

Question: Interfax reports that Nozhai-Yurt has been seized by a group of two thousand militants. Do you have this information?

Putin: No, there is no such information at present. There has been information about some movement of militants there. But there has been no word of a seizure of any town or village.

It is important for us that Chechnya takes part in the election. It is clear why. The result is not important; it is not important who they vote for. What is important is that they vote. And I know that people want to take part in the election. This is important for the Chechen people and for the whole of Russia, because the person who is elected will know that the people voted for him, and he will be responsible for these people and this republic. And those who vote for the future President will know they voted for him and can demand that he take action in relation to their republic. I think this is very important and I have every reason to believe that soon we will learn that the election in Chechnya has taken place.

Thank you very much.

March 26, 2000, Moscow