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Funeral ceremony for Yevgeny Primakov

June 29, 2015, Moscow

Vladimir Putin visited the Hall of Columns at the House of Unions, where a funeral ceremony is taking place for Yevgeny Primakov.

The President placed flowers at the coffin, spoke with Mr Primakov’s family and expressed his condolences.

The funeral service for Yevgeny Primakov took place in the church at Novodevichy Convent and was conducted by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia. Mr Primakov was buried with military honours at Novodevichy Cemetery.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends, colleagues,

Today, we are saying farewell to Yevgeny Primakov. In these sorrowful and difficult moments, we realise more than ever what an important figure he was and, looking back over his life, we understand the tremendous value of his wisdom, experience, intellect, moral strength, and flawless professionalism.

He was without a doubt a great citizen of our country. Mr Primakov knew how to resolve difficult tasks calmly, constructively, and, most important, effectively. He achieved the best results in every post he held, as prime minister, as foreign minister, as head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, and as a State Duma deputy. His attitude towards his homeland and ability to resolve tasks and defend the country’s interests were an example of genuine patriotism and complete devotion to our Fatherland.

Our people knew and respected Mr Primakov as a prime minister who got the country through a very serious crisis. His sense of responsibility and sensitive and sincere consideration for others left an indelible impression in our hearts. This was who Mr Primakov was – a decent and noble man.

He combined these lofty qualities harmoniously with his status as a prominent scholar and talented diplomat. He made a tremendous contribution to strengthening our contacts with the Middle East countries. His multifaceted international activities drew on his deep knowledge of the outside world, constant analysis of geopolitical issues, and a very rich experience of personal contact with other countries’ leaders. This helped to strengthen our country’s position, and there is no overestimating the role Mr Primakov had in this.

He had undeniable influence abroad and was always a centre of gravity for many people. Many spoke with him, sought his advice, shared with him their plans and actions. I can say that this applies in full measure to myself too.

Mr Primakov had global vision and was open and bold in his thinking. His position in life, ideas and views are reflected in numerous academic and philosophical works, in the books that he wrote for us and the generations to follow. Mr Primakov always thought about Russia’s future, and worked and lived for its development and prosperity.

His loss is a huge sorrow for all us and for the country. We will do all we can to preserve his professional, creative and humanitarian legacy.


June 29, 2015, Moscow