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Address to the nation

June 30, 2020, Rzhev District, Tver Region

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Citizens of Russia,

A monument to the hundreds of thousands of Soviet soldiers who fought near Rzhev has been unveiled in the Tver Region today. They fought so that we could live in peace, work, love, create value and feel proud of Russia, a country with a unique civilisation and a great culture that unites the destinies, hopes and aspirations of many generations of our forefathers.

As their successors, we carry on along this path in our centuries-long history, knowing that we are up to the most challenging tasks even in a critical situation.

Friends, over the recent period I have addressed you several times on issues of great importance for all of us and for the entire country. I decided to do this once again ahead of the nationwide vote on amendments to our country’s Constitution.

We are not just going to vote on amendments that have been clearly formulated as legal norms. We are going to vote for the country where we want to live, with cutting-edge education and healthcare, a reliable system of social protection and an effective government accountable to the people. We are going to vote for a country to the benefit of which we have been working and which we would like to pass on to our children and grandchildren.

Therefore, I have no doubt that every one of us, while taking this important decision, will be thinking about their near and dear ones, as well as about the values that keep us together – respect for professionals, senior citizens, our families and children, their health as well as moral and spiritual education.

These amendments to the Fundamental Law, provided you approve them, will formalise these values and principles as supreme and indisputable constitutional guarantees.

Stability, security, wellbeing and a decent life for our people can only be guaranteed through our development, and we alone can do this by acting together. The sovereignty of Russia depends on our responsibility and our sincere feeling of patriotism and concern for the country, as well as on respect for our history, culture, our language and traditions, and our remembrance of the achievements and accomplishments of our forefathers.

I would like to explain my position once again. It is clear, immutable and absolutely firm: the updated text of the Constitution and all of the proposed amendments will only come into force if you approve and support them.

As you know, voting has continued for the past few days due to our commitment to protecting your health. I would like to thank all those who have already made their choice.

Tomorrow, on July 1, will be the main voting day. Friends, I would like to ask you to have your say. Each vote counts and is important.

Thank you.

June 30, 2020, Rzhev District, Tver Region