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Meeting with winners of Leaders of Russia management competition

September 8, 2020, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region

The President held a videoconference meeting with winners of the Leaders of Russia national management competition.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, friends.

First of al, I would like to congratulate you on winning the Leaders of Russia management competition. No doubt, you showed your best professional qualities, high efficiency, focus on results, and the ability to take responsibility and act in a coordinated way as a team, which is extremely important in the modern world, as I have said many times.

Winning such a competition, in which truly purposeful, ambitious and proactive people participated, is certainly your great personal success. But in general, this is also an important contribution to the future of our country, because the desire to obtain new, up-to-date knowledge, the knowledge we need, to reach the heights in business in many ways sets the pace of advancement for the whole country.

The competition has been held for three years, as you know, and during this relatively short period of time it has become an efficient and, I would say, systemic mechanism that helps, on transparent and understandable principles, to identify and support the best managers and open up new opportunities for their growth and broadening their professional horizons. It helps find the right application for their abilities – your abilities, so that talented people like you, worthy people play a significant and, in the full sense of the word, leading role in the development of the country, and increase the effectiveness of management not only in public service but also in other areas. Because competent managers, wherever they work, are needed everywhere and always.

It is no coincidence that representatives of various industries participate in the competition. For many, this competition has already become a real springboard in their careers, and not only in their own but often in completely new areas for them. This is also why the demand for the competition and the attention it receives from professionals is growing, not only in our country but also abroad.

Last year, young scientists and physicians approached me with a request to create separate areas for them, so that there is an opportunity to evaluate the knowledge and abilities that are required for modern management in the field of science and healthcare.

As we know from practical experience, new industry-specific tracks have become widely popular. More than 22,000 researchers, some 10,000 medical workers and doctors as well as over 60,000 specialists from the sphere of finance and technology wanted to test themselves.

As I mentioned earlier, this experience was a success. The highest-performing participants received top jobs, such as heads of major universities and hospitals, even before the competition ended.

I believe winning the finals will encourage the participants to continue to grow professionally and to improve their skills. A grant in the amount of 1 million rubles is being made available to the finalists with this particular thought in mind.

The winners, who plan to become public servants, provided they have adequate experience and professionalism, will get the opportunity to join the Higher School of Public Administration personnel reserve programme, aka the “school of governors.”

Of course, the greatest benefit provided by the competition is an opportunity to work with mentors, who are top professionals. They include the prime minister, deputy prime ministers and ministers, senior officials from both chambers of the Federal Assembly, governors, and heads of major corporations, companies and non-profit organisations. As we are aware, they are very busy people, but they consider it important to spend their time talking with you and people like you, to provide advice and to share their sometimes unique expertise. This is what builds continuity, which is of great importance for the progressive and rhythmic growth of our country.

I would like to point out the importance of employing new personnel based on merits and abilities. This is what honest, fair and transparent rules are all about. They should apply and be sought after in all fields of our life. Moreover, promotion and career development should be available to those who are willing, as they say, to plug away for the good of the people and always follow the principles of serving the people, society and our country in everything they do.

I would like to thank the participants – who are many – who engaged in volunteer activities and significant social projects and, of course, those who made a great personal contribution to the We are Together drive and helped the elderly, people with disabilities and war veterans in the challenging months of fighting the pandemic.

To reiterate, winning the competition opens a new chapter in your life with fantastic opportunities and great responsibilities.

Friends, I wish you all every success along this path.


September 8, 2020, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region