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Congratulations to Emergencies Ministry staff and veterans on Rescue Worker’s Day

December 27, 2020

Vladimir Putin sent a video message to Russian Emergencies Ministry current and former staff congratulating them on Rescue Worker’s Day.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin:Friends, veterans,

I would like to congratulate you on your professional holiday, Rescue Worker’s Day.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry marks its 30th anniversary this year. Throughout these years and at all stages of the Ministry’s development you had one invariable key task: to protect the country’s citizens, their life, health and property from natural disasters and man-made hazards, to prevent and try to thwart them, and to promptly and efficiently help those in trouble.

This work is chosen and pursued by people of special endurance, with stamina and discipline who are capable of acting resolutely and courageously, thinking out of the box, and displaying the best human qualities – mercy and sympathy, compassion and bravery.

I would like to address the warmest words to the Ministry’s former workers and to thank the entire staff of the Russian Emergencies Ministry for their performance in the current year: for the professionalism they displayed during relief operations following the rains and typhoons in the Far East, the diesel fuel spill in Norilsk and other emergencies. I want to specially note your participation in fighting the epidemic of the novel coronavirus infection.

Rendering humanitarian aid to Nagorno-Karabakh residents is the most complicated and noble challenge you are addressing at the moment.

Let me add that in the past 30 years the Emergencies Ministry conducted over 500 humanitarian missions abroad. The whole world knows that Russia will help, send its specialists and rescuers to the worst affected places, deliver everything that is needed – food, medicines, clothes, render urgent medical help and counselling to people in desperate situations, and will do it for free, not for some political advantages.

This experience should undoubtedly be used to further improve the entire Emergencies Ministry system. Much has been done to this effect. The personnel potential and technical equipment are being improved in all key segments – fire service, military rescue, search and rescue units, the mountain rescue units, the Ministry air fleet, the units ensuring safety at water facilities, and the Ministry’s Arctic centres.

Overall, it is necessary to further build up the capabilities of the Russian Unified State System for Prevention and Elimination of Emergency Situations, fully utilise the advantages of modern risk forecasting methods in order to minimise damage from disasters, fires, floods, industrial accidents, and most importantly – to preserve people’s lives and health.

Our country’s people take pride in you. I am confident that Russian Emergencies Ministry specialists will maintain the high standard of their performance. Thank you for your service.

Once again, my greetings to you on Rescue Worker’s Day and the Ministry’s 30th anniversary. And of course, a happy forthcoming holiday season.

I wish all the current and former personnel of the Russian Emergencies Ministry and their families good health and success.

December 27, 2020