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Greetings on Interior Ministry Personnel Day

November 10, 2023

The President congratulated the personnel and veterans of the Interior Ministry agencies on their professional holiday.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Comrades, retired officers,

Please accept my sincere greetings on Interior Ministry Personnel Day.

Today, we are honouring real professionals, people who stand guard over law and order, protect the rights of our citizens and stability in society and, despite danger and risk, come to the rescue in the most challenging, often emergency situations.

We are proud of the best Interior Ministry officers who have always been at the forefront of combatting crime and lawlessness, used their determination, courage, and competence to further strengthen the authority of the internal affairs bodies, and laid their legendary traditions.

On this holiday, we remember with special warmth many generations of soldiers of law and order and express our gratitude to former law enforcement officers for their honest and honourable service during times of peace and war, and for bringing up a worthy new generation.


Today, with the emergence of new threats to national security in a dynamically changing world, the requirements for the Interior Ministry personnel have increased greatly. This means that each and every employee must work harder in the area that has been assigned to them and maximise the use of the available operational, procedural, and technical capabilities for accurate and timely completion of their assignments.

To reiterate, your work priorities remain the same and include, primarily, protection of the rights and legitimate interests of our citizens, reliable provision of public safety and ruthless fight against crime.

Your effective performance is particularly important in the new constituent entities, namely, the Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics and the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. The Interior Ministry’s assistance to the public in resolving their legal, social and other issues is indispensable.

Our people view you as their defenders and allies. Your duty is to do everything necessary to strengthen the people's faith in the power of the law and the state, as well as in the triumph of justice, thus making a significant and weighty contribution to the establishment of peaceful life on the liberated lands.

We need to work more actively and decisively in other key areas as well and to suppress extremists’ provocations which undermine interethnic peace and inter-religious accord, to firmly oppose illegal migration and drug trafficking, to improve traffic safety, and to uncover financial crimes.

I would like to emphasise that the state and society highly appreciate your hard work which often involves risk. We will continue to take measures to make the interior bodies stronger in terms of technical equipment and personnel, and increase the level of social guarantees for employees and their families.

Today, I would like to thank the senior officers and personnel of the Interior Ministry and its civilian staff for their effective and professional work, as well as the courage and heroism of the Interior Ministry officers during the special military operation.

I am confident that you will continue to address your assignments in a professional and responsible manner, to honestly and faithfully serve the Fatherland, and to strengthen the high standing of the service.

Once again, I wish all former and active internal affairs officers a happy holiday.

I wish you and your loved ones good health and every success in your endeavours.

November 10, 2023