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Greetings on the anniversary of Gazprom

February 17, 2024

Vladimir Putin: Friends,

Today Gazprom, a powerhouse of the Russian economy, is celebrating its 31st anniversary.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to congratulate former workers of the national gas industry as well as the management and the entire large, half a million-strong Gazprom team: workers and engineers, true masters of their craft, specialists in various professions working in the Urals and the Volga region, in Siberia and the Far East, in the immensely challenging conditions of the Arctic, and practically all regions of Russia.

It is through your united efforts as a team that you achieve outstanding performance and work for the benefit of the country, towards its development and energy security.

The establishment of Gazprom made it possible to preserve the unity of the national gas industry complex. Over the years, we have repeatedly seen that the decision taken at that time was coherent and well-grounded.

Today, despite external challenges, Gazprom is pursuing ambitious goals. It is exploring promising global markets, solidifying its reputation as a reliable supplier and its position as one of the world leaders in the gas industry, establishing new gas extraction centres and high-technology facilities for the deep processing of raw materials.

I want to highlight Gazprom’s extensive efforts on expanding gas distribution networks in Russian regions and converting residential buildings, industrial enterprises and social facilities to environmentally friendly and efficient fuel. Together we must increase the pace and scale of such programmes.

Gazprom’s contribution to strengthening Russia’s technological sovereignty is also extremely important. This is the focus of the company's partnership projects with research teams and enterprises in power engineering, metallurgy, construction and many other industries.

Furthermore, Gazprom is committed to long-term projects with a focus on strategic perspectives and with an understanding of national interests. Examples include the company’s participation in the modernisation and development of northern and Arctic towns and communities, the construction of unique bridges and a railway line on the Yamal Peninsula, and investments in the modernisation of segments of the Northern Latitudinal Railway.

It has become a commendable tradition for Gazprom to actively and consistently support socially significant projects. These initiatives are aimed at preserving Russia's historical heritage, supporting education and culture, and nurturing young talents. The Gazprom for Children programme alone has overseen the construction of over two thousand sports grounds and fitness facilities across the country.


I am confident that the Gazprom team will continue to implement all strategic development plans efficiently and on schedule.

I wish you success and further accomplishments for the benefit of Russia and our people.

February 17, 2024