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Instructions following a State Council Presidium meeting

November 9, 2015

Vladimir Putin signed a list of instructions following a State Council Presidium meeting on October 19, 2015.

The Government has been instructed to ensure amendments to laws concerning, in particular, quotas (catch limits) for marine biological resources, investment in the sector (purchase of new ships for the fishing fleet, built at Russian shipyards, and construction of fish processing facilities) and various aspects of fisheries activity.

An instruction was given to establish a government commission, headed by the deputy prime minister, to coordinate work to carry out the list of instructions, draft a timetable for orders for fishing vessels to be placed with Russian shipyards, and draft proposals on introducing bans on the purchase of some types of imported fish products for state and municipal needs, and on improving statistical reporting in Russia’s fisheries sector.

The instructions also concern modernisation and development of port and fisheries infrastructure, optimisation of monitoring and inspection work through using the latest monitoring technology, including the GLONASS system, and transportation of fish products in refrigerated containers by sea, rail and road from the Far East to Central Russia.

The Government and regional executive authorities have been instructed to draft proposals for a unified coordination and management system for state agencies and organisations involved in the catch, production, storage, transportation and sale of marine products, and also organisation of auctions and market trading of marine biological resources, including those destined for export.

The Government and the regional executive authorities in the Far East Federal District have been instructed to develop fish processing clusters in the federal district.

Separate instructions were given to the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service, Federal Security Service, Foreign Intelligence Service, Federal Migration Service, Federal Tax Service, Federal Service for Financial Monitoring, and Federal Agency for Fishery.

November 9, 2015