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Instructions following State Council Presidium meeting

December 21, 2015

Vladimir Putin signed a list of instructions following a meeting of the State Council Presidium on November 25, 2015.

The Russian Federation Government has been instructed to make amendments to legislation concerning, in part, tax benefits for investors participating in special investment contracts.

The Government has also been instructed to update the government information system of industry with data on the progress in implementing import replacement plans; parameters of industrial products manufactured in Russia; suppliers and producers of raw materials, accessories and equipment; planned purchases by government agencies, local self-governments and companies with state participation of goods, works and services originating from abroad, including industrial products that have no equivalents manufactured in the Russian Federation.

Several other instructions to the Government also concern issues of import replacement, particularly state support for corresponding investment projects; identifying companies interested in obtaining import replacement products; replacing foreign-made automated control systems, engineering software, and security systems equipment at critically important facilities with Russian equivalents.

Also, instructions to the Government concern a state support mechanism for Russian manufacturers exporting competitive products, including, in particular, compensation of related patenting and certification costs and other similar expenses.

The Government, together with the Central Bank, has been instructed to examine the issue of developing a programme for preferential leasing of technological equipment.

The Industry and Trade Ministry has been instructed to present suggestions on organising the promotion of the PD-14 engine on the market and creating a family of engines of different capacity based on the PD-14 engine.

The Government has been instructed jointly with executive agencies in the Russian regions to coordinate industry-specific import replacement plans with corresponding plans in effect in the Russian federal constituent entities, and together with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, develop recommendations on creating children’s technoparks and youth innovative work centres, and introducing other types of training for children and youth through engineering programmes.

December 21, 2015