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Meeting of State Council Commission on Culture

November 11, 2022

Presidential Aide, State Council Secretary Igor Levitin and Samara Region Governor Dmitry Azarov chaired a meeting of the State Council Commission on Culture.

Attending the meeting were Deputy Minister of Culture Nadezhda Prepodobnaya, Ryazan Region Governor Pavel Malkov, deputy heads of the Russian Federation’s entities overseeing cultural issues, as well as representatives of the concerned federal executive agencies and the cultural community.

The participants discussed the preservation of cultural landmarks, as well as support for the cultural volunteer movement and its development. They also focused on issues of studying and popularising the historical and cultural legacy. This is particularly topical during the Year of the Cultural Legacy of the Peoples of Russia, and this issue plays a tremendous role in forging spiritual values, particularly among children and young people.

In his remarks, Head of the State Council Commission on Culture Dmitry Azarov noted that the subect of cultural legacy also included legislative motions, as well as social, educational and economic components. Considering present-day realities, special attention should be devoted to the role of the tangible cultural and historical legacy in the patriotic and civic education of citizens and in strengthening traditional values.

The importance of this work was further confirmed by the signed Presidential Executive Order On Approving the Fundamental Principles of State Policy for Preservation and Strengthening of Traditional Russian Spiritual and Moral Values. It perceives traditional values as moral reference points that are passed on from generation to generation, and which form the foundation of the Russian civic identity.

During the discussion, the participants emphasised the fact that the tangible cultural legacy primarily served as a source and witness of historical truth and a tool for countering attempts to falsify history, to ensure the continuity of historical concepts and to forge traditional Russian spiritual and moral values.

November 11, 2022