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Meeting with Vice Chairman of China's Central Military Commission Zhang Youxia

November 8, 2023, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region

The President received Vice Chairman of China's Central Military Commission Zhang Youxia at the Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow.

Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu also attended the meeting.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Comrade Zhang Youxia,

I am very glad to see you in Russia.

You and I met several years ago, and I think it was here, in Ogaryovo, as well. This goes to say that we have a good tradition of meeting each other in the Russian presidential countryside residence.

I am delighted to see you. You probably know that I visited Beijing not that long ago, so I would like to ask you right away to convey my best wishes to President of the People’s Republic of China and express my gratitude for his warm hospitality.

In fact, we have established very friendly, personal and at the same time business-like relations which enables our two countries to maintain strategic ties.

Russia and China are not seeking to create any military alliances using Cold War-era templates and have been maintaining constructive ties which have become a serious stability factor globally.

We are also working on the economic front and have been quite effective in these efforts. There is positive momentum in our trade and economic ties, and we have been achieving the objectives we set for ourselves ahead of schedule.

Russia and China are working together within international platforms and organisations, primarily the United Nations, while also paying adequate attention to our regional associations which are increasingly emerging as global platforms. I am referring to the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and BRICS.

Next year, Russia will assume the BRICS chairmanship. We really hope that together with our Chinese friends we will promote the agenda that we deem most appropriate and which holds the biggest promise while considering the interests of all the countries in this association.

Of course, it is also worth pointing out that our military and military-technical cooperation are becoming increasingly important. As for military-technical cooperation, our efforts in high-tech sectors have emerged as a primary focus. I am referring to space, high-orbit assets, as well as the latest weapons and those which are in the pipeline – they will, no doubt, ensure strategic stability for both Russia and the People’s Republic of China.

We are witnessing attempts by some countries to expand their geographical reach. As strange as it sounds, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation has been seeking to transcend its geography which, I believe, runs counter to its own statutory documents.

The United States has been increasingly intent on drawing all its allied countries into causing tension to rise across Asia Pacific by setting up new military and political alliances with regional countries. Of course, the United States is guided in its efforts primarily by its own interests and, to call a spade a spade, its vested interests.

Together with our friends, including and primarily the People’s Republic of China, we see through all this. Our response has been calm and balanced and consisted of strengthening our defence capabilities, including by holding joint naval and air force exercises. We hold them regularly, while constantly deepening our cooperation.

I am certain that your consultations and talks with the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation will be useful and will help consolidate our ties in this sector, which has so much importance for our countries.


Vice Chairman of China's Central Military Commission Zhang Youxia (retranslated): Your Excellency, President of Russia.

Thank you so much for finding time for this meeting.

First, I would like to convey to you a warm welcome and best wishes on behalf of President Xi Jinping.

I had the great honour of having two meetings with you in 2013 and 2017. Six years have passed, and today I once again have this pleasure and honour to meet with you.

Under your leadership, the Russian Federation has been firm in facing the Western sanctions, which demonstrates that no challenges can overburden you or Russia. You have China’s respect for that.

This time around, we are here in Russia to carry out the agreements you reached with President Xi and hold a regular meeting of the commission on military-technical cooperation, as well as reinforce our military cooperation.


November 8, 2023, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region