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Official meeting to mark the anniversary of the establishment of public prosecution office in Russia

January 12, 2016, Moscow

Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office Sergei Ivanov took part in an official meeting to mark the 294th anniversary of Russia’s public prosecution office.

Sergei Ivanov congratulated representatives of the prosecution corps on their professional holiday and read out a congratulatory message from the President to employees and veterans of public prosecution bodies. In his message the President notes that today, just as in all times, public prosecution is an embodiment of justice of the state and is a key link in the national law enforcement system that largely determines the unity of Russian statehood, the protection of the citizens’ lawful rights and interests, the efficiency of combatting organised crime, corruption and other challenges.

In his address, the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office highly appraised the work of public prosecutors in identifying violations of federal law. According to Mr Ivanov, it is largely through the efforts of the public prosecution that cases of embezzlement were established, including embezzlement of funds allocated for the implementation of targeted programmes. It is the duty of public prosecution to further protect the citizens from arbitrariness and corruption and to ensure the proper administration of justice, Sergei Ivanov stressed.

Ensuring the rights of entrepreneurs remains a priority task. It is important to conduct a proper study of the circumstances of economic crimes businessmen are incriminated of, to maintain a reasonable balance when selecting restrictive measures and to use the entire range of possible measures to respond to the detected violations.

Mr Ivanov highlighted the need to strictly ensure legality during the 2016 State Duma election campaign. Extremists and radicals should be firmly denied access to Parliament, and this should be done in strict compliance with the letter of law, the official said. Work to curtail extremist and terrorist crimes should also be conducted in the Internet.

The Chief of Staff said that one of the key issues is compliance with law in the implementation of the state defence order. It is necessary to make sure that the allocated funding is spent efficiently and strictly for the intended purposes, instead of ending up in the pockets of bribetakers or unnecessary middlemen, he said.

Mr Ivanov spoke of the role of public prosecution in combatting corruption. Having noted a significant increase in the number of revealed cases of bribery, the official called for greater activity in revealing crimes in municipal and public purchases and to carefully monitor budget spending on large-scale projects, including the construction of the Vostochny Space Launch Centre, the construction of a transport route across the Kerch Strait and the creation of a sports infrastructure for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

During the event, distinguished employees of Russia’s public prosecution agencies received awards.

January 12, 2016, Moscow