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Report on results of monitoring 2017 Russian law enforcement practice published

November 2, 2018

The report on the results of monitoring 2017 law enforcement practice in Russia was written in execution of Presidential Executive Order No. 657 of May 20, 2011, On Monitoring Law Enforcement Practice in the Russian Federation.

The report sets out the results of monitoring the execution of the Constitutional Court’s decisions, resolutions of the European Court of Human Rights, as well as the results of monitoring law enforcement practice in various spheres of the Russian Federation’s legislation, including anti-corruption measures, provision of free legal assistance to citizens, the secure operation of defence industry organisations, nuclear, chemical, fuel and energy sector organisations, vital social infrastructure facilities, the transport infrastructure, other critical and potentially dangerous facilities; provision of medications for the population; the state system of issuing licenses for the use of mineral resources; management of production and consumer waste; replenishing the National Depository of National Printed Publications and Audiovisual Products; state oversight regarding the technical condition of self-propelled vehicles and other types of equipment; sequestration of farmland being misused or used in violation of legislation; the activities of private pension funds.

In the course of the monitoring process, federal executive agencies and state agencies in the Russian regions promptly eliminated the flaws revealed in the Russian Federation’s legislation and in law enforcement practice.

The report contains proposals on the need to pass the Russian Federation’s regulatory documents and on measures to boost the efficiency of law enforcement practice and anti-corruption measures.

November 2, 2018