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Instructions on ensuring road safety

February 20, 2015

Vladimir Putin signed a list of instructions on ensuring road safety.

The Government has been instructed to examine the drafting of a federal law on organising road safety in the Russian Federation.

Other instructions to the Government concern medical provisions for road safety, setting up a common national data base of information on citizens who for medical reasons should have no or limited rights to a driver’s licence, and additional measures to provide timely help to victims of road accidents and get them swiftly to hospitals in order to minimise the consequences of accidents.

Instructions to the Government also concern introducing more effective controls of weight and size of vehicles using federal and regional roads, carrying out plans to establish open joint-stock company GLONASS, and developing the automated ERA-GLONASS information system and its use in the interests of other federal information and navigation systems. 

The regional executive authorities have been recommended to take measures to implement new national standards for equipping pedestrian crossings, especially close to schools and other educational establishments.

The plenipotentiary presidential envoys to the federal districts have been instructed to organise ongoing monitoring of regional and local officials’ implementation of laws and presidential decisions concerning road safety.

February 20, 2015