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Meeting with Federal Taxation Service Head Daniil Yegorov

November 21, 2023, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region

Late last night, Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with Head of the Federal Taxation Service Daniil Yegorov. The FTS Head reported to the President on the agency's performance results for the current year.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Yegorov, what is the forecast? Around 46 trillion rubles?

Head of the Federal Taxation Service Daniil Yegorov: Yes, Mr President.

Vladimir Putin: Will you be able to reach it?

Daniil Yegorov: We plan to, yes. We have every reason to believe so, because in the first ten months of the year, we received 37.6 trillion rubles, which is 3.6 trillion rubles more than last year.

Vladimir Putin: That is, if everything goes as planned, it will be approximately six percent more than in 2022?

Daniil Yegorov: I would even say nine percent.

Vladimir Putin: Nine percent?

Daniil Yegorov: Yes, nine percent more. Last year, it was 42 trillion rubles overall, and this year it will be 46 trillion rubles. So, four trillion rubles more.

Vladimir Putin: And the non-oil and gas revenues are also higher than last year? Structure-wise, I mean.

Daniil Yegorov: Mr President, they make up the largest share of revenues and will account for 3.2 trillion rubles in growth.

Income tax also looks quite good when it comes to non-oil and gas revenues and will increase by 20 percent. VAT will increase by 11 percent. Insurance payments increased by 29 percent. This includes payments for last year from individuals and companies that received deferment. Personal income tax has increased by 13 percent, which corresponds with the general growth of salaries in the country.

Vladimir Putin: Good.

You also wanted to tell me about automation of certain processes.

Daniil Yegorov: Yes, that’s right.

Vladimir Putin: Go on.

Daniil Yegorov: I want to note that the growth is seen against the backdrop of two processes.

I think it is important to mention that this year, we had half as many inspections as in 2022, when we conducted 8,000 inspections by this time. This year, we conducted only 4,000 inspections. This is the first thing.

Vladimir Putin: Half as many?

Daniil Yegorov: Yes.

At the same time, we ensure tax management with a reduced administrative burden.

Vladimir Putin: It is due to the automation?

Daniil Yegorov: Yes, automation overall, including due to risk analysis and automation of the control procedures that we use. This is as regards inspections.

Second, this year we have implemented one of the most serious taxation reforms with regard to payments. We have now created an entirely new payments system. One can say that the reform has succeeded. From now on, every taxpayer has only one tax account, and they do not have to distribute money throughout the national budget. They pay money into one account, and we automatically disburse and distribute the payments, together with the treasury.

(Daniil Yegorov went on to note that, following the reform, the share of unidentified payments (when people make mistakes, while filling out payment forms) has plunged 24-fold. The number of technical debtors among legal entities and self-employed entrepreneurs has dwindled from 1.9 million to 900,000, and technical-debt fines have been annulled).

In addition, we worked closely with governors, our colleagues, and created a new notification system. We have developed an entirely new data provision system from scratch for governors and federal agencies. The system lists over 215 parameters highlighting the state of any region’s economy. We also downloaded data on budget payments, so that our colleagues would see incoming assets, calculations and would be able to plan their budgets. It is now being done online every week, and people can see all their details.

Here is the final highly important aspect. From now on, all personal accounts (over 55 million, all told) offer completely transparent data on budgetary payments and settlements. Consequently, we automatically issue certificates for prospective bidders wishing to take part in tenders, etc. We have also teamed up with the developers of the accounting systems that are used by over 90 percent of taxpayers, and we have found an optimal solution for promptly feeding our data into the accounting systems. People can see their personal data, while using the accounting systems. We consider this to be one of the reform’s extremely serious innovations.

Vladimir Putin: This is much more convenient for everyone involved in this process and for the state, primarily for taxpayers, and this improves tax collection, too.

Daniil Yegorov: You are absolutely right. The system has now become much more transparent than the one that we used in previous years.

Vladimir Putin: Excellent.


November 21, 2023, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region