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Meeting of State Council Presidium working group on implementing state anti-drug policy

June 10, 2015

Presidential Aide and State Council Secretary Igor Levitin held a meeting of the working group to prepare for the State Council Presidium meeting on implementing state anti-drug policy.

The meeting addressed issues pertaining to preparing for the upcoming State Council Presidium meeting.

In his speech, State Anti-Drug Committee and Federal Drug Control Service Director Viktor Ivanov stressed the need to create a national system for comprehensive rehabilitation of drug users, whose goal will be to create all necessary mechanisms, infrastructure and conditions to provide drug users with access to comprehensive rehabilitation and re-socialisation programmes.

Presidential Aide Igor Levitin noted that law enforcement measures alone are not sufficient for reducing the distribution and non-medical use of drugs, minimising the effects of their illegal trafficking on public safety and the health of citizens; these changes require providing drug users with access to long-term programmes to overcome drug addiction.

Meeting participants voiced suggestions on further improving anti-drug legislation, creating a system for rehabilitating and re-socialising drug users, and coordinating the work of relevant government agencies.

June 10, 2015